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Ready to advocate for ALL Raleigh citizens.

24 year-old transplant.

I've lived in both Alabama and New York, experiencing some interesting policies. I learned how the decisions of City Council truly make a difference in the lives of the citizens. 

I did not grow up in Raleigh, instead I CHOSE to make this my home like so many others who live in this beautiful city. I, along with more than 40% of Raleigh citizens, was not born in North Carolina but made it my home. 

3rd Year Law Student.

My legal education, desire to serve my community as an elected official, and ability to relate to more than 112,000 students at various universities, colleges, graduate schools, and PhD programs, set me apart from any of the other candidates in this race. 

Being a City Council member is a part-time job that my law school schedule will allow me to execute as well as fully dedicate my time, energy, and passions. 

Advocate for all. Ready for a challenge. Willing to serve.

My mind and heart are prepared for this honor and responsibility. I do not take this role or its potential impact lightly. In my opinion, Raleigh is the most wonderful city in the country, but that does not mean it is without any flaws. 

I am eager and enthusiastic to spend the next two years working to improve the lives of everyone who lives and works in Raleigh, NC. Regardless of gender, age, economic background, race, religion, or any other factor, we ALL deserve to have someone fight for us. I will advocate for everyone. I will strive to deviate from the status quo where necessary. My goal is to bring a fresh set of eyes to Raleigh City Council. 

Let's succeed together Raleigh.

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