Official Candidacy Announcement

Carlie Spencer is Running for Raleigh City Council

My mother always told me, "You cannot complain about something you aren't willing to do something about." She was referring to voting. She said, "If Americans cannot put in the effort to go to the polls and vote for their elected leaders, then she should not be able to complain about the state of their nation."

My mother is a wise woman. She taught me many things. The importance that our elected officials hold in our daily lives is one of the lessons I hold most dear. I treasure this knowledge and now seek to take an even greater stand than simply showing up to the polls to cast my vote.

I have officially submitted my paperwork and application to run as an At-Large Candidate in the Raleigh City Council race.

I have always had a heart willing to serve those in the community where I am placed. Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of one day running for public office.

As a rising third-year law student I have an even greater appreciation and understanding of both the legal community and our government's role in daily life.

Several months ago, I began to think about my mother's words.

"You cannot complain about something you aren't willing to do something about."

She was right.

But it was up to me to take it one step further.

Not only do I have a duty as an American to vote for my elected representatives, but also to step up and attempt to BECOME an elected representative.

Not everyone wants to be an elected official. Not everyone should be an elected official, either. I know I want to be on Raleigh City Council, but only time will tell if I should be. Political office is an interesting thing.

We often think about candidates background, policies, education, and experience when choosing who to elect. As we should.

But I was recently asked a question that had a simple, yet profound answer.

"Carlie, what do you really think is the MOST important quality for an elected official to possess?"

I pondered for a second and it came to me.

"Sincerity. When choosing who to vote for their genuine interest in serving those they represent to the best of their ability is far more important to me than their experience, their age, their gender, or even their policies."

Whether a candidate is worthy of the position in which they seek is something only the voters can answer.

My goal during this election cycle is to show you I am sincere in my desire and my hope to be a servant to the city of Raleigh and represent each citizen to the best of my ability.

In the coming days, weeks, and months I will strive to share my vision of the city of Raleigh.

I hope by October 8, 2019 that the voters find me a worthy candidate for this honor.

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